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Meat on the Beach is a family owned and run business committed to bringing high-quality, wholesome meats and products right from the farm to your table for the whole family to enjoy. With the overwhelming amount of products available today and the growing awareness of eating right, our goal is to offer you superior healthy meat, while at the same time, allowing you to learn where your meat is coming from.

Like his father and his grandfather Owner Ernesto Monte is a trained butcher. In August 1996 Ernesto and his wife Anna signed the lease on a tiny shop on the south side of Queen, near Kenilworth. The shop quickly became busy all the time because Meat on the Beach quickly built a reputation as a butcher without equal. Eventually the shop became too crowd and in 2003 Ernesto and Anna moved the shop to its current location on the north side of Queen, just west of Woodbine.


Our Shop
The shop today is beyond butchery. You'll find fresh produce, which, depending on the time of year and the quality, might be local, organic, or just fresh. All the meats are sourced from local farmers whom Ernesto knows and trust.

In warmer weather, Ernesto builds up a huge display of fresh fruits on the sidewalk in front of the shop. Ernesto also stocks fresh breads from eight Toronto bakeries. The bagels are from Gryfe's. "We pick it up partly-baked, then we put them in our oven. We sell a tonne of them."

Inside you will find a display of Meat and on the shelves, Meat on the Beach—branded pastas and pasta sauces, salad dressings, and pies made from a collective of aunts and uncles. if you're in a rush to get home and need to put dinner on the table, you can also pick up a rather large assortment of entrees from the deli section: roast chicken, lasagna, fruit pies, meat pies, quiches, soups—"we make our own stock," and potato salad, and the deli meats are all nitrate-free

  Our Standard
As a second-generation butcher, Ernesto understands the criteria for stock has always been on quality and freshness.


There is a peace of mind that comes from purchasing meat products raised in accordance with the highest standards "If it doesn't taste good to me it isn't good enough for my customers."


Customer Service
Meat on the Beach is a sort of shop every neighbourhood aspires to call its own. The staffs are passionate about what they sell and cook. They care about their customers and are driven by quality first and foremost. A butcher will always be on hand to discuss the origins of the meat and poultry, the differences between cuts, and offer very useful tips on how to prepare your purchase at home. Trust and honesty is important, we will continue our dedication to offer you meats & products of the highest level. Because, we believe you deserve the best.

Thank you, from our family to yours.



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