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Ordering from Meat on the Beach
Advance orders can be placed using our online order form or by calling our store.  We'll prepare and package your order as you request and have it ready for pick up at your convenience. At this time, we do not offer home delivery.

Calling to Place an Order
If you have any questions about our products, simply email us at info@meatonthebeach.com or pick up the phone and call us at 416 690.1228.

Using our
Online Order Form
We check our online order form daily. You can place an order for pickup as early as the next day or for any length of time in advance beyond next day. An email will be sent back to for confirmation of your order.

Have a Question About our Turkeys?
Take a look at our Turkey FAQ where we have answers to frequently asked questions about selecting, ordering, and preparing fresh organic turkeys.

Click here
to view the FAQ: How to Carve a Turkey

What Size Turkey?
Estimate 1 pound of fresh, unstuffed turkey per person if you don't want leftovers, and estimate about 1.5 pounds per person if you want leftovers.


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